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Industrial finishes

We also provide a wide range of finishes for your parts and products. Zulueta has its own range of finishes, both for paint and for electrolytic coatings and other types of treatment. We have manual and automatic finish lines.

Zulueta provides the following processes:


We colour your parts, offering a wide range of paint. This finish makes your parts more resistant (e.g. to heat or chemicals), thus extending their useful life. However, its aesthetic benefits are the most outstanding.

Electrolytic coatings

Zulueta provides a wide range of electrolytic coatings and galvanising baths. This type of treatment increases the useful life of your parts, protecting them from corrosive agents and boosting other properties, such as conductivity and weldability.

We provide a wide range of finishes:

  • Plating
  • Tinning
  • Copper plating
  • Nickel plating
  • Zinc plating
  • Etc.

Plastic coatings

Thermal treatments

We provide thermal treatments to improve the property of the metal in your parts, particularly as regards their tenacity, machinability, hardness, and resistance to wear.


We provide machines for high-precision deformation and pressing. To this end, we have several eccentric presses.

Polishing and electropolishing

Zulueta also provides polishing and electropolishing treatments that increase your parts’ resistance to corrosion, while providing more level, smooth, and aesthetically appealing surfaces.

Electropolishing is a passivation process through which an oxide film is created on chrome that improves the surface both mechanically and aesthetically. Thanks to this treatment, the material is levelled, providing a glossy finish and improving the properties of the base steel.