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Manufacturing of Fine and Medium Sheetmetal Works

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Zulueta is a manufacturer of fine and medium sheetmetal parts using the latest methods. We offer a high degree of flexibility in production processes to optimise the final delivery deadlines.

We offer various processes and machines to adapt to your needs:


Zulueta has 2 ½ D water jet cutting equipment, with a drill head. The water jet cutting system is based on the production of a specific water jet which, sprayed at a very high pressure, makes high-quality cuts in all kinds of metal, soft materials such as plastic or rubber, and very hard material such as glass, by means of a 2 ½ D head, which offers the possibility of making cuts with a variable angle, from 0º to 45º. This exclusive machines is equipped with a cutting-edge system, integrating the cutting and CNC drilling processes, which provides new cutting and machining options.

Benefits of this type of cutting:
  • Due to the high quality of the cutting, later machining operations are avoided.
  • Materials are not deformed
  • Low cutting temperature, avoiding the generation of tension and a later stabilising thermal treatment.
  • Maximum use of raw materials


Our production processes also include plate punching or cutting. We provide advanced technology to punch and shape plates in various materials.

We have different machines depending on your project:

  • CNC puncher for copper busbars:

    CNC profile puncher for the automatic manufacturing of electrical connections. Thanks to this innovative technology, we can reduce our delivery deadlines and improve our response.

  • CNC horizontal puncher:

    high performance and maximum energy efficiency. Adapted to work with special tools in various fields: shaping, marking, roll forming, etc.


Zulueta has high precision pressbrakes to comply with bending requirements, thus ensuring the high quality of the bending.

We provide different technologies depending on your needs:

  • CNC vertical pressbrake
  • CNC horizontal pressbrake


Zulueta has advanced machines to provide the best results in the bending of parts from different materials.

We provide the following machines:

  • Angle rolls


We provide machines for high-precision deformation and pressing. To this end, we have several eccentric presses.

Roll forming

We subject the parts to a compression load.


Zulueta provides a wide range of welding options:

  • MIG
  • TIG
  • Spot welding
  • Autogenous welding
  • Induction welding machine with two independent heads, for simultaneous welding.